We are on a mission to transform the Property Management Industry
  • EVERYBODY needs less and more relevant information!

  • Processes across stakeholders (residents, service providers, boards, property managers) rely on communication channels that don't leave trace and don't generate additional value as people interact with each other.

  • Inefficiencies lead to higher costs; StrataVox saves you time and money.

  • Our tools allow Property Management Companies to scale while they increase their customers' satisfaction and retention.

  • StrataVox helps condominium owners improve the governance of their boards, implementing best practises and transparency.

  • We protect the long term value of the properties by enabling the Property Information Continuum, shielding you from the turnover of council/condo board members, service providers and property managers.


We are StrataVox…

A passionate team of professionals focusing our talent to address the information- and communication-management needs of property managers, condominium owners and residents.